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R.I.T.E Chairman  - 1992-99                    Res (817) 268-1612
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Rotary InterCountry Teacher Exchange

Specific Qualifications for R.I.T.E. Applicants:


1.  All R.I.T.E. candidates must:


·        Be active teachers with the capability of teaching their language or other pre-approved subjects that address a need in the recipient country.


·        Must demonstrate a strong interest in learning about other cultures and have a commitment and ability to further world understanding through academic endeavor and social & cultural exchange.  Be an ambassador.


2.  R.I.T.E. candidates should possess all of the following qualities:


·        Be able to adapt to and adjust to new environments and different situations.  Be understanding and flexible.


·        Demonstrate motivation, self-reliance and the ability to share an enthusiasm for learning.


·        Have some knowledge of the host country’s language and/or have an interest in learning the language as a way to more fully understand that culture.


·        Have a clear understanding of the objectives of the R.I.T.E. program.


·        Have clear, positive, substantial and well-stated personal objectives for participation in this program.


·        Have the opportunity to use this experience to impact a significant number of students and other teachers.


·        Have a basic understanding of what ROTARY is about and what ROTARY stands for.


·        Have knowledge of the country and the city to which they are traveling and/or be willing to research this prior to departure.


·        Be in general good health, with no ailments that could prevent the achievement of the stated program objectives.  Have medical insurance effective in the host country.


·        Be knowledgeable of the culture of one’s own country and be familiar with and be prepared to discuss current events that affect both countries.



"Service Above Self" * "Be A Friend"

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