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Rotary InterCountry Teacher Exchange

Responsibilities of Rotary Clubs in Host Countries:


·        Provide suitable room and board for each incoming teacher, preferably in a Rotarian’s home.  Establish meal schedules.


·        Recruit students prior to the teacher’s arrival (10 - 30 students per class per teacher,  2 - 3 classes per day, 5 days per week).  See note below.


·        Provide a suitable classroom (e.g. With heat, air-conditioning or fans if needed for student and teacher comfort, plus to provide an environment conducive to learning in a two hour class).


·        Obtain special permits for volunteer teachers (if necessary).


·        Provide local transportation to and from the airport, the classroom and to other activities.


·        Involve the teacher in Rotary, family and local cultural activities, plus provide opportunities for other personal activities during free time.


·        Provide access to emergency medical care and medicines.


·        Provide an opportunity for teachers to learn about the local school system and to interact with other teaching professionals.


·        Provide access to a copy machine and paper so the teacher may prepare curriculum materials.


·        Provide an overhead projector, slide projector or other visual presentation equipment as needed.


·        Provide a blackboard, chalk, erasers, pencils, paper and a large flip chart, markers and easel.


·        Organize an effective public relations effort.


·        Arrange a graduation ceremony for the students and provide certificates of completion.


·        Organize a suitable “Thank you” ceremony for the teacher.


NOTE:  Recruiting can be effectively accomplished by using posters, public service announcements on radio and TV, newspaper press releases, and direct contact with local businesses, public safety personnel (police, fire & ambulance services), and schools & colleges.

"Service Above Self" * "Be A Friend"

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