- Rotary InterCountry Teacher Exchange

Blue Springs, Missouri
February 1998

I find it very difficult to put into words my feelings about this unforgettable and enriching experience. The main objective of this program is international understanding and although it may sound a bit ambitious, it is not because if everybody could have the possibility that I had of meeting and getting to know so many wonderful, caring and lovable people, peace on earth, wouldn't be impossible.

One may think that only teachers profit from this program because we "live" in a different culture and in this way, we learn a lot about other countries, other cultures and other educational systems. We also share new methodologies, different curriculums and other ways of working out problems and difficulties in the learning process. Moreover, we can teach not only our mother tongue but also facts about our own country and its culture.

This program produces a "chain effect", and that's why I find it so interesting and amazing. All our students will benefit from it too as they are also given the possibility of learning about other countries and other customs, practicing the foreign language they are learning, communicating in that foreign language and so feel more self-confident, discovering and valuing not only other cultures but their own too and meeting native speakers (in some cases it will be the only one possible opportunity).

It is hard to give up part of our holiday and what is more, work during them but, believe me, one is always in debt, one always receives much more than one gives. My thanks to Rotary for this wonderful opportunity and for all the efforts made in arranging a wonderful opportunity and for all the efforts made in making me feel at home. In short, it is really a magic experience that makes anybody involved in it a better human being.


Marcela Tomé

"Service Above Self" * "Be A Friend"

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