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Abilene, Texas Teacher in Arandas, Jalisco, Mexico

By Paulette F. Haught
July 1998

The people in this small Mexican town in the heart of Tequila country welcomed us (my husband and me) with open hearts, treated us with great respect, and endeared themselves to us in the four short weeks we spent together.

The Arandas Rotarians share a close familial relationship into which they adopted us the moment we arrived. Our students ranged in age from 11 years to 45 years, and came from varied social, economic, and educational backgrounds.

We taught 6 hours per day, one 3-hour class in the morning and another 3-hour class in the evening. The former queen of the city, the TV station manager and night anchor, the owner of a tequila factory, and an aspiring English teacher were among our adult students.

Children from the ghettos and teenagers from upperclass private schools were also a part of the class. All came with an eager desire to learn. Since our first R.I.T.E. experience was rich and rewarding, we hope to go again.

"Service Above Self" * "Be A Friend"

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