- Rotary InterCountry Teacher Exchange

Clarksville, Red River County, Texas.

February 1999

We have been here for almost a month and the different experiences we have already had in Elementary School and High School, have been richer than we had ever expected. We are really enjoying our stay in Clarksville, Texas.

Wherever we go we always meet friendly people here, in Bogota, Avery, Detroit, Paris and Texarkana.

A lot of times during the day we have heard the sentence "Thank you for coming here", "Thank you for visiting our school" and questions from the students. They ask about the rotary program, our country, our culture; they are eager to make questions and we are pleased to satisfy their enquiries.

We have also shared with the teachers new methodologies, different curriculums and other ways of working out problems and difficulties in learning process. We can talk not only about our mother-tongue but also about history, geography and culture of Argentina.

All the community always has showed us their kindness and wish to learn about our country.

We think that this exchange program produces a "chain effect" and that is what we find so interesting. All our students will benefit from it as they are also given the possibility to learn about other countries, habits, practicing a foreign language and experimenting their teachers's experiences.

We recommend the RITE PROGRAM to each teacher we meet here and we will meet in our country, Argentina, because it opens our minds and our heart to all that we learn, see and live.

It is hard to give up part of our holiday and work during them but, believe us you will always feel in debt because you have received more than you had expected.

We also feel we have host families who are ready to satisfy our needs the moment we mention them. Our thanks to our host families, the Rains and the Wilkins for all the efforts they have made in making us feel at home and their help to carry on with the course for adults at the Presbyterian Church.

Also we must thank to Rotary District 5830 y 4890, the Rotary Club from Clarksville, our Sponsors, Rotary Club from Villa del Parque y Villa Urquiza for this wonderful opportunity to have this experience. We also are very proud of the distinction we have received at the MidYear Review in Texarkana on January 23rd , making us Honorary Texans.

We can finally add that Rotary is a means of service for goodwill, peace and friendship. On February 16th., when we leave Texas we leave several new friends we have made during our stay.

Norma had the opportunity to reinforce her friendship with Rogelio Reyes (her RITE guest in Argentina in 1997) who traveled from Forth Worth to Clarksville to pick her up and took her to Dallas-Forth Worth to spend the week-end with his family.

Ana Maria had a similar experience with Susan Shelton (RITE 1997) who lives in Dallas.

We have also been in touch with Liliana Beatriz Ramos (RITE 1999 Palm Harbor-Florida) and Nylia Monte (RITE 1999 Forth Worth-Texas) intensifying and exchanging ideas on our work.

In Clarksville, we have narrowed our friendship since we have had the opportunity to share week-ends, journeys, schools, shopping, fun, work and rest through this program.

We are ready to repeat this type of experience provided that the Sponsoring District makes the necessary arrangements for the teachers' transportation.

We want to thank God and life the opportunity that through Rotarian InterCountry Teacher Exchange we have made reality.



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