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Raytown Teacher in Buenos Aires, Argentina

By Carol Aiken / Raytown South High School Spanish Teacher
July/August 1998

The Rotary International Teacher Exchange program gave me an excellent opportunity to learn about the educational system of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was also able to see the city and learn about the way of living in Argentina.

Thanks to the hard work of Graciela Calio and Liliana Ramos, I felt very welcome and comfortable during my visit. They spent a lot of time planning my schedule. My visits to both the public and private schools were an invaluable experience. I observed the students and teachers and I learned how the schools functioned in Buenos Aires. I also enjoyed helping the students in their English classes. The personnel and students in all the schools were very hospitable.

While living with Graciela and Liliana, I observed and shared the hectic lives they led. Each day during my visit they took me to schools, prepared my meals and many times took me sightseeing to various places both inside and outside the city. At the same time they also maintained the daily responsibilities of their own lives.

Based on my observations I feel that the responsibility of hosting a teacher through the R.I.T.E. program should be shared by more than just a few people. It would be better if the Rotarians would get more involved since this is a program they provide for teachers.

Also, teachers who participate in this program need to be better prepared. They should know more about what they are going to do , what is expected of them, and what they need to take. It was extremely helpful for me to speak with William Eubank and another teacher from my area who had traveled to Argentina through the R.I.T.E. program the previous summer. However, there were still times in which I felt "surprised" about some of my responsibilities. I also wished that I had taken more materials with me. Some type of informational brochure/checklist would have been very beneficial for me.

Finally I feel very fortunate to have participated in such a fantastic program. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to grow both professionally and personally. Prior to February of l998 I was unaware that the R.I.T.E program existed. The Rotarians need to publicize this program more and let teachers know that it is available to them so that they can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

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