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R.I.T.E. is a cultural exchange of volunteer teachers between participating countries. The teachers teach their language to students in the host country, normally during the summer and in return, the teachers learn about the people, the language and the culture of the host country. The overall purpose of this program is to promote international goodwill and understanding.

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El Intercambio de Maestros entre Distritos del Rotary (IMDR) es un intercambio cultural de profesores voluntarios entre los países que participan. Los profesores enseñan su idioma a los estudiantes en el pais anfitrión normalmente durante el verano y en cambio, los profesores aprenden de la gente, del idioma y de la cultura del pais anfitrión. El propósito principal de este programa es de promoveer buen entendimiento y buena voluntad entre las naciones.

Application in Doc format Teacher Brochure in PDF format Teacher List           NEW OR UPDATED 02-18-2006

02/18/2006 William R. Eubank Speaks at the East Lansing, Michigan Rotary Club

02/01/2005 Wichita TV Channel 12 filmed RITE teacher Adriana Vocaturo

01/28/2004 Visit to Travis Junior High in Paris, Texas - Sonia Tibaldi - Argentina

01/13/2004 My Trip Is A Fact - Silvia Columbo - Argentina

Teaching trip changes a life
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02/08/2001 Teacher from Argentina in Texarkana

08/19/99 Local Spanish teacher visits Buenos Aires

The Program for 1999

January 1999

Report From Clarksville

January/February 1999 Wichita, Kansas Rotary to host three Teachers from Argentina

The Program for 1998

July/August 1998 Two Teachers from Blue Springs, Missouri teach in Izamal, Mexico

June/July 1998 Carol Aiken (District 6070) Teaches in Argentina

February 1998 Blue Springs, Raytown, and Grandview, Missouri hosts Marcela Tomé

The Program for 1997

Between January 19th, 1997 and February 23rd, 1997, two teachers from Argentina will visit Rotary clubs in the U.S. Mrs Monica Nardelli will be hosted by three clubs in Kansas City, Missouri (Downtown K.C., K.C. South, and Raytown) and Miss María del Carmen Di Paolo will be a guest with the Mustang, Oklahoma Club.

During the summer of 1997, as many as 100 U.S. teachers will have the opportunity to work in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Russia and other countries. If you are interested in this program - please contact us for more information:


  • February 1997 - Teacher from the Universidad De Buenos Aires teaches in K.C. Missouri.

  • Traverse City, Michigan, social studies teacher, reports on her R.I.T.E. teaching experience in Brazil

    Summer 1996


    We have outbound (from the U.S.) opportunities for teachers in Mexico (Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, Irapuato, Tuxtla Gutierrez, Nuevo Laredo, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Leon, Celaya, Campeche, Pochutla, Puebla, Chiapa de Corzo, San Cristobal, Reforma, Arandas, Puerto Vallarta, Torreon and others will be added), Argentina (Buenos Aires and Arrecifes) and possibly Colombia and Spain. Clubs in the U.S. that have participated are located in Texas, New Mexico, California, Oklahoma, Georgia and Louisiana (it is anticipated that more will be added this year). Clubs that wish to receive teachers may want teachers from the same city to which their teachers are going. This would encourage stronger relationships between clubs and may lead to other international service projects.

  • The specific objectives of R.I.T.E.

  • Los Objetivos específicos I.M.D.R.

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  • Responsabilidades De Los Clubes Rotarios En Los Paises Anfitriones

  • Host Country Responsibilities

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  • Specific Qualifications for R.I.T.E. Applicants

  • Requisitos Explicitos Para Los Solicitantes Del Programs

    Happened in 1996!

    This year the program expanded to include Argentina. Two teachers from that country arrived in Fort Worth during January, 1996. Antonio Restano is aRotarian from the Buenos Aires-Montserrat Rotary Club and he taught Spanishto policemen from the City of Fort Worth and to medical personnel at HarrisMethodist Hospital. He also taught business and personal customs to membersof the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Marta Rabellino is a teacher fromArricifes, Argentina and she had more of a pure cultural exchange with allkinds of people in Abilene, Texas. She taught Spanish to policemen, schoolchildren and others. Her report, in a letter to me is include here so that you can get an idea of the types of teaching/cultural experiences that are possible when an exchangeteacher visits your district.

  • "Argentine teacher explores West Texas education, life in exchange program"Reprinted with permission of the ABILINE REPORTER-NEWS.

    Summer of 1995

  • Teacher exchange builds bridges across Mexico-US Border News Basket - #418 - 27 September 1995

    28 teachers representing 7 Rotary Districts from Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Georgia and California went to 15 cities in Mexico.

    3 exchange teachers from Mexico (two from Cozumel - one from Leon) came to District 5790 under the program. They taught Spanish to over 100 police officers in Fort Worth, Texas.

  • "100 officers taking intensive Spanish classes"Reprinted with permission of THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS.

  • "Bridging language gap"Reprinted with permission of THE FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM.

    The "Early" Years

    July of 1994

    7 Teachers - San Miguel-Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen, Irapuato, Reynosa

  • Rotary District 5790 Texas/Mexico Teaching/Learning Experience 1994

  • Playa Teaching Report - Narative with pictures.

    Christmas of 1993

  • "Santa Claus del Club Rotario agasaja a pequeños de Isla"

    June of 1993

    3 Teachers - San Miguel, Cozumel, Mexico, Distrito 4200

  • Club Rotario De Cozumel - Distrito 4200 - Circular



    Summer of 1992

    2 Teachers - San Miguel, Cozumel, Mexico, Distrito 420

    "Service Above Self" # "Be A Friend"

    Objectives-English | Responsibilities-English | Applicants-English
    Los Objectivos-Espanol | Responsabilidades-Espanol | Los Solicitantes-Espanol
    1994 Playa Del Carmen, Mexico | 1996 Abilene, Texas | 1996 Buenos Aires, Argentina
    R.I.T.E. Mexico | R.I.T.E. Argentina | R.I.T.E. Brazil

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